3 Steps in Creating a Podcast

This past spring we offered Podcasting Basics for the first time with local Nashville Podcaster Christopher Taylor (BTSE365). The class was a hit and I wanted to find out, is it difficult to create a podcast, once you have your show idea, what does creating the show actually look like behind-the-scenes.

Christopher was nice enough to give a few examples of how he puts together his show in the studio.

I asked Christopher to share three simple things he does for each episode!

Recording the show: Christopher decided to go into the studio and record his podcast. Here he is in the studio recording his show with his two mascots and handmade sign. He believes it’s important to have special branding products for your podcast.


Create Advertisements: Chris spends some time recording advertisement from some show sponsors. It’s great to have sponsors that support and aligns with your audience.


Interview Guests: Chris is on set with two in-studio guests discussing an event happening during Memorial Day Weekend.


Would you like to know more about how Chris took these three simple steps and put together a whole show? Register for Podcasting Basics with Christopher. Class starts on May 30th!

What are your experiences with creating a podcast?