Cyanotype Sun Printing with Shukri and Maha 

Cyanotype Sun Printing

Today we took the Cyanotype Sun Printing class. It was a relaxing vibe. We got to get creative with sun printing artwork. We went for a nature theme when we were working on our artwork. We enjoyed our time with David and he was a fun person to be around. Our experience with this class was great and we recommend this class to anyone who enjoys art.

Overall, it was a nice experience and we would both love to take this class again.

3 Questions about their experience:

1.     What nature items did you use to design your sun printing?

We used some flowers, leaves and construction paper. We chose our own designs and formatted it the way we wanted to be depending on the look we were looking for.

2.     What was your favorite part of the class and the process?

Our favorite part of this class was being able to get creative with simple objects and creating our own looks.

3.     What part of the class did you find the most relaxing?

The most relaxing part of this class was the Cyanotype Sun Printing.

Take a look at our experience and process.

Shukri & Maha