Fix-It Classes at Nashville Community Education

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Recently, there was an article written on the website Route Fifty. The article talked about a clinic that opened up in Washington, D.C. and other cities called “Fix-It Clinics.” Residents carried in items that needed to be repaired, and this helped families save and stopped things from going to the dump and waste. 

We wanted to share with you our traditional and nontraditional “Fix-it” classes that Nashville Community Education is offering this fall. 


Our sewing classes have always been very popular, and one of the classes that can fill up quickly. Sewing is great because it’s an opportunity to learn basic sewing skills. Students eventually can handle fixing clothing items, household products, and create clothing items on their own. 

Register: Beginning Sewing/ Intermediate Sewing/Intermediate Sewing Project

Picture Framing:

If you need to replace a frame around some of your favorite pictures and art pieces, this class is perfect. Students learn everything from materials selection, mat cutting, and framing methods. No need to throw away pictures or let them sit and pile up at home. 

Register: Picture Framing

T-Shirt Quilting: 

This class is a great way to stop those old t-shirts from going to waste. T-shirt Quilting allow students to bring up to ten to twelve of their favorite memorable t-shirts and create a quilt for your home or as a gift.  

Register: T-shirt Quilting

From Seed to Table Gardening:

From Seed to Table is an excellent class to learn what to do with the seeds you have at home and preserving techniques. Students also learn how to create and maintain a garden! 

Register: From Seed to Table Gardening


We have two canning classes happening this fall Canning Basics and Advanced Canning. These are two excellent classes that help reduce food waste. Canning Basics teaches you how to can jams and jellies, and the basics of non-fermented pickling and Advanced Canning teaches students about pressure canning. 

Register: Canning Basics/Advanced Canning

Eat Smart at Home:

Another way to avoid food waste is with our Eat Smart at Home class. This class teaches students how to use and make healthy food choices and make meals using items they already have in their pantry and fridge. 

Register: Eat Smart at Home

Remember classes for fall 2019 starts on September 3rd. Get registered by heading to our website, call the office 615-298-8050, or stop by the office at 4805 Park Ave. Suite 123. 

If the class has a wait list, sign up for the wait list!