Opportunity Now Internship Comes to an End

Opportunity Now


Hello, my name is Maha, and I am an Intern at Nashville Community Education. Sadly, my Internship is coming to an end. The past five weeks have been very informing and fun. I've had the experience to work in an office. I've learned a lot from my supervisors on how offices work. I had the chance to answer phones, send emails, and organize. This internship gave me an opportunity to consider office work in the future.

My supervisors were really fun and sweet. They always answered any question I had. I worked with Josh mostly and he was really patient and sweet. He taught me how to do invoices, send surveys, and answer phones. I also worked with Lakeithea on taking pictures and she was also very sweet and easy to work with. I also worked with Imelda on the schedule for new classes and she explained everything I had to do very well. I rarely worked with Imelda but, when I did I enjoyed it. Mary Beth was also very friendly and always in a good mood. I had an amazing experience working with all of them.

I took a class about two weeks ago with Shukri and, it was a lot of fun. We learned about sun printing and how it works. I learned new things in that class. Overall, my time here was amazing and I hope to come by again in the future.


Hi, my name is  Shukri and I am the social media and communication intern for Nashville Community Education. My internship has come to an end and I'm truly going to miss working here. I've had the chance to do social media posts, post classes on event sites, blog posts,  interviews, and help Lakeithea with other things.

 My supervisors were fun and nice people to work with. They were always polite and asked us if we needed anything or if we were doing fine. I mostly worked with Lakeithea and she was amazing. She taught many skills that I can really use in the future. She even told me about her personal fashion business because I am looking to go into the fashion industry as one of my career choices. I helped Josh like once or twice, and I enjoyed it. I haven't worked with Imelda, but we had conversations and she's a sweet person. Mary Beth would give us assignments now and then, and would always ask it in the politest way possible. I enjoyed working with everyone in this office and I think anyone who does this position for Opportunity NOW will not regret it.

 I had the chance to take Cyanotype Sun Printing with Maha and it was great. David was a great and fun teacher. He really knows how to teach what he does and taught us more about sun printing. Overall, my five weeks here have been amazing and I don't regret applying for this position.