Essential Oils

Singles Empowerment Day According to 372WN

Recently the team was reading through the new issue of 372WN and came across the article by Hannah Herner called “Singles Empowerment Day.”  Well we thought it was a pretty great article Hannah and we also very much agree, with number 10 “LEARN SOMETHING NEW.”

Life-long learning is one of our favorite topics, for obvious reasons and I wanted to share some awesome classes we having upcoming up. Come alone or come with a friend and spend the month of February giving yourself a little extra care and love by learning something new!

1.     Green Cleaning with Essential Oils

Essential oils naturally have deodorizing and disinfecting properties. The use of all-natural essential oil cleaners utilizes these powerful properties without worry of toxins and chemicals. In addition to learning more about essential oils for home use, students will make four different cleaning products that can be used as a natural alternative to commercial products.

2.     What’s Your Number?

The ancient Enneagram tool is gaining popularity and you may be wondering - why is everyone talking about this? What is this thing? This workshop serves to explain the Enneagram tool - where it originated, what it is, how to use it, and why it matters. You will learn your number (and your wing numbers, if any), a detailed description of your number and how it can benefit you in your life and relationships 

3.     Reiki Self-healing

In order to help others, we must first help ourselves. Beginning Reiki (ray key), a Japanese healing art, focuses on harnessing energy to perform healing techniques on your body and mind. Reiki has been shown to be effective in helping to reduce stress, pain management, soothing emotional turmoil and improving mood.

4.     Relief Printing Basics

Would you like to learn how to print your own cards using traditional techniques? Explore the basics of relief printmaking! Using hand tools to carve your own soft blocks, participants will learn a simple and satisfying process to create and print their own one-color designs, along with basic registration practices, ink techniques, and ways to continue exploring printmaking. Come prepared with ideas or improvise on the spot, and leave with cards and your own printmaking block!

5.     Basketry: Weaving with Paper

Weaving can be a mixed media adventure! Explore acrylic painting techniques then cut your painting into weaving strips. Use those strips to weave a square basket perfect for cocktail napkins or other storage.

6.     Master Meal Planning

Do you want to meal plan, but are unsure of where to start?  Learn a tried-and-true method to help you perfect your process of meal planning from grocery store to dinner table. Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Lindsey Joe, will share tips and tools for saving time and money while eating healthier. 

Thanks Hannah for including Nashville Community Education in your #SinglesEmpowermentDay