Learning to Manage Conflict for Peace and Happiness


Do you find yourself frustrated in conflict situations? Do you have trouble identifying a way to communicate and it be well received? In this 2 week course, you will learn what your conflict style is and what that means for you and others. 

The Friendly Style Profile is a 20 item conflict style inventory that surveys your personality strengths and excesses in both types of situations - calm and storm. In this course, you will identify what your conflict style(s) are, what the characteristics of each style are, and receive suggestions for managing your style.

Gaining knowledge about each of the conflict styles will help you gain self awareness, adjust your self in conflict situations to more easily reach mutually agreeable resolutions, and help you bring out the best in others when in conflict. If you know the conflict style of those you spend most of your time with, you can adjust your communication to minimize conflict situations. When we understand more about those around us, we are also able to offer more grace and understanding. 

Conflict is inevitable in all aspects of life! Managing conflict is instrumental in bringing peace and happiness. 

The new class: “Calm vs. Storm: What's your style?

Are you the calm or the storm? This workshop will help you identify your personality style by creating a fair and honest picture of yourself. It will increase your understanding of yourself and others and encourage you to use these insights to improve your relationship with others. You will better understand your strengths, vulnerabilities, habits, and preferences.

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