Sailing in Nashville with John Summers  

The smile on my daughter’s face says it all—sailing is fun.

Sailing In Spain.JPG

In fact, for many people it’s transcendental.  Gliding gently, quietly across the water, pushed by the wind in a piece of cloth—it’s hard not to think of those who dared to cross the oceans the same way.

Nashville is fortunate to have two large freshwater lakes within its boundaries.

But if you are new to sailing, where does one begin?

That’s what this course, Sailing in Nashville, is designed to help you with.

Over six-classes, we’ll tell you what options and resources are available in Nashville to learn to sail and your sailing options with or without your own sailboat.

Sailing is not difficult, in fact, it’s easy.  But it does take more knowledge and skills than simply turning an ignition key.

Whether you want to simply spend the day quietly gliding along the water, or racing around the buoys in a regatta, or maybe chartering a bareboat through the Bahamas or the British Virgin Islands, this course will tell you how to get there.

You will come out of this class with the basic knowledge to sail a dingy or a small keelboat.   What you won’t get from this course are instructions on the water, that’s beyond this class’s capabilities.  But we will give you the options to take that next step.  Sailing is a recreational pastime you can enjoy long after you have retired, unlike most outdoor activities.

I’ve sailed in the Bahamas, the Windward Islands, the Chesapeake Bay, San Francisco Bay, Florida, San Diego—but most of my time has been spent here on Percy Priest Lake.   It’s a wonderful day of sailing just minutes from our homes.  This course is the first step to begin enjoying a lifetime of fun.  

Just look at my daughter’s face.  It says it all.