7 Ways Self-Care Can Reduce Stress

Incorporating self-care into your daily life is an incredible way to reduce stress and improve your mental, emotional and physical health. To lower your anxiety, live a fuller life, and reverse your risk of developing health issues, here are some Nashville Community Education classes to nurture and enhance your well-being.

Guitar lessons

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1. Discover the healing power of music

Perhaps you have heard the phrase “let food be thy medicine”, but how about music? Scientists have found that music can improve health outcomes among a variety of needs, including healing from depression.

 NCE classes: intermediate guitar, beginning ukulele, Instant Piano and more

Creative Writing


2. Let go of control through writing

Tap into your inner writer and activate its scientifically proven calming effects. Start a daily journal to release stressful thoughts from your head, with a gratitude or self-reflection entry. If you are feeling adventurous, deep dive into your imagination with some creative writing, poetry or a short story.

NCE classes: Creative Writing, Creative Personal Journaling and more

Tai Chi

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3. Move that body

Be intentional about getting physical, whether it’s a dance session at home or a brisk walk around the park, regular movement helps your body cope with the physical and mental impact of stress.         

NCE classes: Fencing, Fitness and Nutrition for Women, Qigong Movement, Tai Chi for Energy, Body Positivity for Wellness, Beginning Fencing, Badminton and more, Kung Fu Basics, Kettlebell Swing Basics


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4. Embrace your inner artist

Did you know that art can be therapeutic? From the mindful act of focusing on a single activity, to taking time to reflect and reorganize your thoughts, creating art can enhance one’s quality of life.

 NCE classes: Photography Basics, Ceramics, Art Journaling, Handmade Leather Bags, Beginning Sewing, Crochet Basics, Oil Painting and more



5. Release negative self talk with mindfulness

Guess what! You can heal and repair your DNA from past traumas and toxic stress. Intentional breathing techniques, like when you practice yoga, mindfulness or meditation can help stimulate your body’s natural relaxation response. Don’t worry; you don’t have to sit cross-legged for an hour, or do advanced poses for these exercises to work.

Try a few minutes a day using a mobile app or guided meditation on YouTube, and work your way up. In addition to healing, these breathing exercises can help reduce mental stress, strategically calming your mind, body, and spirit.

NCE classes: Mindfulness Basics, Gentle Yoga Free, Curvy Yoga, Hatha Yoga

Personal Journal


 6. Manage anxiety with planning ahead

Are you stressed when you have to rush to a meeting, or finish up an assignment last minute? Do you feel like you are disconnected from fulfilling your life’s purpose? Managing our time helps us to be more productive, efficient and to feel more balanced. Learning a system for time management and creating a personal life plan can help us to lessen our anxiety and relax, knowing that we are moving towards our goals.

NCE classes: How to Maximize Your Time, The Life You Want II and more

Cooking Classes

7. Challenge traditional, try alternative healing

Culinary therapy is a treatment mental health professionals use to treat depression, anxiety, eating disorders, ADHD and addiction. Did you know about the powerful healing properties of essential oils, or that removing sugar from your diet can improve your emotional well being? How about Reiki self-healing, the Japanese healing art that uses energy to heal from within? The great news is that there are countless alternative healing methods, and NCE let’s you find what works best for you!

NCE classes: Essential Oils For Healthy Living, Essential Oils for Emotions, Traditional Cuban Cooking, From Seed to Table Gardening, Anti-Inflammatory Comfort Foods Series and more, Nashville Farmers' Market Series, Fitness and Nutrition for Women and more

Short practices each day will help you to enjoy a life in the moment, being at peace with what is to come.

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Article written by: Simone Sibley

Behavioral Health Program Specialist

Suicide Prevention, Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and Self-Care

Metro Public Health Department