Financial Success … for life!

Financial success.JPG

This February, I’m looking forward to teaching Financial Success – a 2-part personal finance workshop.  This workshop covers all the major personal finance topics: budgeting, investing, credit, and insurance, buying a home/car, student loan debt, credit bureau reports, and more!  It’s packed full of information, but presented as part of a larger framework, so all the pieces fit neatly together.  Financial Success is targeted for working adults to help them navigate through life making sound and logical financial decisions.

I love teaching this workshop because my students get so excited when they realize they can now be in control of their financial decisions, whether it’s building their emergency fund, paying off debt, or starting an investment program.  As part of the workshop, the students will receive a notebook containing all the information covered during class.  This notebook will be a valuable resource after the workshop when students start to implement their financial plans.

So … please consider registering for Financial Success and get ready to reap the financial rewards for years to come!

Cindy Stone

Workshop Instructor