Welcome NCE Opportunity Now Summer Interns


I’m Shukri Jama, one of the new NCE intern from the Opportunity Now Program. I currently attend East Nashville Magnet High School as a rising senior. I heard of the opportunity now from a friend and wanted to do medical or office work. I thought about how I would want my summer to be fun and go on vacations but I realized what a great opportunity it would be. I want to be prepared for college and my future career. The main thing I want to get out of this experience is being more social and interactive with others. I feel like the social media and communication internship will help me very well with that.

 My first day at this internship didn’t start as expected. I got lost and couldn’t find the entrance. Eventually, I called Mary Beth and she led me inside. It wasn’t bad, I actually enjoyed it. The people here are really nice and it’s a small office. It’s quiet and peaceful and a great thinking environment. Mary Beth introduced me to Josh, Lakeithea, and Imelda. With the looks of it, I’m sure I’ll enjoy this internship. Lakeithea told me what I’ll be working on as a social media communication intern and it sounds great. I hope to enjoy it and get a great experience out of it.

Opportunity Now

Hi! I am Maha Oskar, one of the most recent NCE Intern with the Opportunity Now Program. I currently attend East Nashville Magnet High School and I am a rising senior. With this program, I wish to improve on professional and communication skills. I hope to gain more knowledge of office work. I really enjoyed training week with my employment coach, Mrs. Patton. I met many new people who were friendly and supportive.

On my first day at work, I was expecting to see a lot of Interns and office desks separated all over the room. I was also expecting it to be a strict workspace. I first met Mrs. Harding, she greeted me and my co-worker with a big smile and was very friendly. I then met Josh and Lakeithea and they were also very friendly and kind. The office was quite small and simple which was not what I expected. I then was shown my desk and where I would be most of the time. Mrs. Harding then explained all the rules and requirements throughout the program. We then got a tour around the school and all the classrooms where some classes will be held. Everyone was really kind and patient.

My first day overall was calm and easy. Everyone was nicer than expected. The working environment was wonderful. I believe I will have a great six weeks working with NCE.