A Cosmic Journey with Duncan Davis

Cosmic Journey

Duncan Davis teaches our A Cosmic Journey class. A study through the galaxy and our solar system from its formation. Students will learn about the planets, how stars are born, how they die, and the supernovae corpses they leave behind.

We had the opportunity to interview Duncan about his class and his love for the Cosmic Journey!

What interests you in the Cosmic Journey?

Every aspect of the Cosmic Journey interests me. It’s fascinating, from the seen & unseen. From the beautiful to the scary and has expanded our knowledge & technology.

What are 3 things you hope people learn from your class?

I would like for people to learn that within our solar system & far beyond, the universe has in the past, does now, & will in the future affects us.

The Universe is huge, what in particular will your class focus on?

  • Birth & Death of stars

  • Formation of our solar system

  • Why is our moon so important to us?

  • Our location in the galaxy & why is it important

  • Exoplanets

  • Habitable Zone: More than liquid water

  • And, Are we alone?

Are there any new fascinating studies going on about the Solar System today?          

New studies:

  • New Horizons probe out past Pluto.

  • Insight probe to Mars.

  • Parker probe to study the sun.

Why do you think it’s important for people to study the Solar System?

Because Everything’s Related!

What intrigues you the most about our Solar System?

What intrigues me most about the solar system: No other solar system found so far is set up like ours. Why is our solar system the oddball?

Anything else you would love our readers to know about you or your upcoming class?

The class is informative, interesting, fun, & has great visuals. It makes the unimaginable (sizes, distances, phenomena) relatable.

A Cosmic Journey class starts Oct 1- Oct 29, from 6:00pm-8:00pm at Inglewood Elementary. Use the code “COSMIC” for $5 off this class.