Practicing Kung Fu with Chris


1. Tell our students more about yourself and how long you’ve been teaching Kung Fu?

I have been teaching Kung Fu for over 7 years now.  My full-time profession is teaching 7th grade.  I enjoy spending time with my family, reading, running, and traveling.

2.  For people that are not familiar with this form of martial art, what is Kung Fu?

Kung Fu is a Chinese based martial arts.  Its focus is more self-defense oriented and differs from other martial arts with a focus on low kicks and close up striking.

3. Kung Fu is an ancient Chinese martial art, how did it end up in American wellness practice?

Chinese immigrants brought the art with them.  Buck Sam Kong brought Hung Kuen to Hawaii, and Dr. Wing Lok Ng brought the art to Kentucky when he was a college student there, for example. There are many other examples as well.  Bruce Lee's popularity in the early 70’s definitely made the art popular in American society.

4.  What are some of the benefits of Kung Fu?

It helps physically in regards to endurance, balance, and self-defense skills.  More importantly, it helps develop patience, awareness, and confidence.

5.  Kung Fu is known to improve self-defense skills?

Yes, it can help with those skills, but I like to emphasize the benefit of self-awareness and awareness of one's surrounding to hopefully avoid such a need for those skills.

6. Why do you believe Kung Fu is a great fitness to improve health and attitude? 

Different aspects of training can help one's overall physical health.  Strength and cardiovascular improvement are a part of training along with flexibility.  Also, when a person is feeling better they have a better attitude. Plus, a student's attitude can improve by surrounding themselves with positive people, which Kung Fu can help in cultivating.

7. In this particular class students will learn how to do a Praying Mantis form; can you give a brief explanation of what this is?

Many Kung Fu forms are animal based.  It makes them interesting to learn and fun.  Certain movements of this form will recreate movements from this particular animal, or more accurately, insect.  This set will emphasize continuous attacks and elbow strikes among other techniques.

8. Is there anything else you would like to share with our students?

Kung Fu is becoming a bit of a lost art in the Nashville area, and much of Tennessee. I hope the community will come out and give it a try.  I hope to make the class fun, informative, and beneficial to participants.

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