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Finding Your Passion & Purpose with Jazzmin Rodgers

Jazzmin Rodgers is teaching our Find Your Career with Passion & Purpose class that starts on September 11th! This class teaches students personal development to land a career you find purposeful.

We interviewed Jazzmin about her upcoming class.


1.      Tell us more about yourself!

My name is Jazzmin, and I am an HR Professional and Career Coach! I am the owner of the Millennial Success Coach, where we offer career services and coaching for high school and undergraduate students.

2.      Tell us more about your upcoming class?

My class is the MSC coaching program broken up into four sessions. Each class I will teach about the subject that day, then have an activity portion for the students. Class one is the intro where we introduce you to coaching and help students identify what their passions are. Class two is the personality test, class three is all about creating your career development plan, and class four is career tips on interviewing, resumes, LinkedIn, cover letter, etc.

3.      What inspired you to create this class about passion and purpose?

I feel that everyone should be doing something they enjoy doing. Work has ups and downs, but overall, you should feel passionate about your industry and position. If you don't, it can affect your overall happiness and health. I was inspired to create this coaching program on my journey, and if I had someone like me on my path to finding my passion, I would have jumped right on it!

4.      Why do you think it’s hard for people to find what they are passionate about?

It is hard because we can get caught up in what society says is the right path for us. School is amazing; however, school did not teach us to learn ourselves, learn the curriculum. Once you learn yourself, it is easier to identify what you find most passionate. We are forced to make life-changing decisions at a young age after graduating high school. During this age, we are still figuring out exactly who we are and what we like. Most times, we make the decision that is not best for us and correct that decision later in life. This program is tailored to prevent that from happening and fix it for those who are ready for a change.

5.      How will your class help people navigate into a career that they are passionate about?

First, I will help identify what it is the students are passionate about, then narrow those passions down to one. Then we focus on that one passion and create a strategic career plan around it.

6.      How does one find purpose in their career?

Someone finds purpose in their career by believing in what they do every day. If you can see the impact your role has in the organization, and believe in the values of what you do, you will find purpose in that. 

7.      What information should students gather about themselves, passion, or purpose before the class starts?

Before the class, students should be mentally ready and open. Your mindset is so important in this process. Students must be ready to do the work it takes to find your passion and being consistent with the choice you make.

8.      What other information do you believe students should know about your class?

I look forward to teaching this class. I love to help others solve career issues they are facing, and no one should ever feel like they are stuck in their current situation. You can find joy in what you do and make money from it! 

Register:, September 11- October 2, Wednesday 6:30pm-7:30pm.