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Dan Harrell, The Garden Guru

Dan Harrell

Dan Harrell, from the UT/TSU Extension, will be leading our From Seed to Table Gardening series this summer. We can’t wait to learn more about raised beds, vegetables, pests, the Richland Park Libraryseed catalog and more! Our Executive Director will be leading the last class – a cooking demonstration using ingredients from our garden or local farmers! The class filled within days, but make sure to get on the wait list!

Let’s learn a little more about Dan before the class starts:

What neighborhood or area of town do you live in?
West Meade

Profession: Agriculture Extension Agent

Why do you teach at Nashville Community Education?
Nashville is a vibrant city with a forward thinking population and I am privileged to serve in this community.

Although you are teaching a class, what have you learned through students or others?
Everything I teach I have learned from others.

What is one thing you wish people knew about NCE?
What a wonderful opportunity it is.

When you aren’t teaching a class with us, how are you spending your time?
I am at one of my children’s sporting events.

What’s the last book, podcast, or blog you read or listened to?
“The Eye Of The Needle” by Ken Follett