7 Questions About Gut Health with Laura Rodriguez


Laura has taught our Nashville Farmer’s Market, Seasonal Cooking Class for several sessions and now she is here to offer another new class to our students, Cooking for Gut Health. Laura has shared some information with us regarding gut health and ways to heal it.

1.      Tell us more about your class.

This class is going to be a two-hour cooking demo showcasing how to make delicious composed dishes that help promote gut health. I will start with a lecture and then I will show you how to make a gut healthy breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Then we will eat together!

2.      Why is Gut Health an important topic?

Current medical research is showing that gut health is synonymous with overall health. Poor gut health is directly connected to several chronic conditions plaguing Americans today: fatigue, anxiety, depression, memory loss, chronic inflammation, digestive issues, etc. If I can help just one person learn how to eat to lessen the effects of a gut related condition, that's important work in my opinion. 

3.      When a person does not have a healthy gut microbiome, what other illnesses can be affected?

According to lead functional medical doctors that specialize in gut health, too little good bacteria in the gut and a buildup of too much bad bacteria can lead to a wide range of illnesses such as candida, SIBO, IBS, leaky gut, heart disease and even cancer. 

4.      In this class you will be teaching about foods that heal the gut, can you share with our audience what foods you recommend people start with?

Fiber rich foods like whole fruits and vegetables are number one for feeding good gut bacteria. I also recommend people increase their intake of probiotic rich foods like good quality yogurt and fermented foods like kimchi and sauerkraut. 

5.      What are some tips you will go over in class?

I will share tips on what to eat during cravings for sugar and carbs, give students healthy snack ideas, and of course share tips on how to make cooking from scratch quick and easy.

6.      How does someone know that their issues are gut related?

Read as much as you can. Listen to podcasts. Take the Amy Myers Leaky Gut Quiz. Research your symptoms and present them to your doctor. Be your own advocate. As Dr. Dates Kharrazian said, " Educate yourself. You need to be smarter than any doctor you’ll see. This is about your health, this is about your life, and no one knows you better than you.”  

7.      If someone is wanting to make some chances to their gut health, what are some steps they need to start with?

Come to the class and you'll learn where to start. Basically, you must clean up your diet, reduce your stress level, and repair the lining of the gut.

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