mental health

Suicide Prevention with Simone


I interviewed Instructor Simone from the Suicide Prevention class. She shared some tips on how to help someone suicidal thoughts.

How will you calm them down and get them to feel like they shouldn't do it?

Listening is key, and reminding them they are not alone. People don’t want to die, they simply want to end the pain. Being empathetic and not trying to “understand” how they got to the point of suicide, but simply being there is very important.


How do you know when a person is fully recovered?

Mental health is just like physical health, it must be managed daily. People who have gotten to the point of suicide will have to take care of their mental health practicing self-care, and being consistent with whatever treatment or lifestyle changes have been recommended by a mental health professional.


What is one advice you have for everyone out there with friends or children who had/ have suicidal thoughts?

Listen to your loved one without judgement, assure them that you are there for them (even if you don’t know exactly what to say), and support them while seeking professional help.