A Mother’s Day Gift Experience with NCE


Mother’s Day is coming up this weekend and it’s a great time to think about creating memories and experiences with your mom as a gift!

This is also a good time to provide your mom with the gift of an “Experience” with one of our gift certificates for mother’s day!

With our summer session right around the corner, Nashville Community Education would like to share nine great classes you can take with your mom.

1. Explore Nashville’s Public Art

Great art isn’t just in museums. All over Nashville, there are sculptures, murals, and pieces created to enhance our public places. While these artworks make bold visual statements, have you ever wondered about the stories behind them? Metro Arts staff will guide you through the city’s public art collection, exploring the artists, inspirations, materials, commissioning organizations, and ongoing care and conservation of our most notable pieces.

2. Creative Personal Journaling

Studies have shown that keeping a private journal can help improve mental health and creativity, but finding the time to journal in today's hectic society is tough. Students will get the space & time to slow down and write while clearing their minds and releasing anxiety. Through a series of prompts and discussions, students will learn how to create their own unique journaling style, set goals and "Dreamscape." Bring your own personal journal and a pen.

3. Art Journaling with Old Books

Add a unique twist to your journaling routine by using old books to create an art journal! By learning different painting and drawing techniques and engaging in writing exercises, we will create mixed media pieces, compelling poetry and journal entries. While some classes will focus more on creative writing, a painting will be done in every class.

4. Swing Dancing

Instruction covers the basics of East Coast style of swing dancing and Shim Sham line dance. Participants will learn triple and single step basic footwork patterns, turns, etiquette, and social dance history. Registering with a partner is not necessary, but you will be paired up in class.

5. The Life You Want I

We all have the ability to create the life we want. We just need to learn the tools to help us do it. Discover how to transform your thinking to create opportunities that change your life without waiting for life to change you! Students will determine their passions, values and gift and craft a purpose statement based on these qualities. They will then define goals and a system to help them achieve this purpose.

6. American Sign Language

An introduction to American Sign Language grammar and vocabulary including fingerspelling to construct simple sentences. Each student will also participate in visual and receptive skill-building along with the information on Deaf Culture and Awareness.

7. Fitness and Nutrition for Women

Experience a wholistic approach to living a healthy lifestyle! Each class will cover nutritional habits, goal setting, and self-actualization lessons. Then students will go through a workout that incorporates strength training and metabolic work. All instruction will be given by staff from The New Beginnings Center, a non-profit that offers fitness and nutrition coaching to women in Nashville at an affordable rate. Their mission is to create an environment where women can work out and learn to live a healthier life regardless of age, background, and shape. Class is open to all levels and abilities.

8. Collect & Sell Vintage Costume Jewelry

Those rhinestone pins from Grandma, the ‘70s hippie earrings you spy at a yard sale, or your favorite chunky 1980s necklaces are all examples of vintage costume jewelry. Collecting such jewelry is a fun, popular and potentially profitable hobby. This class will introduce you to the history, innovative styles, and wonderful materials used by designers. Students will learn about the most collectible styles and brands, how to determine the value and authenticity of pieces, and tips on where to buy jewelry. The class will also cover how to list, price, photograph and sell vintage treasures online.

9. Essential Oils for Healthy Living

Looking for natural solutions to the products we normally use for healthcare? Wondering what all the hype is about essential oils? Learn how we can support our health naturally using certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils. Every session will include a take-home component of full-sized items to start using right away. Topics covered include: 1. basics and science of CPTG essential oils; 2. essential oils for family wellness; 3. minimizing and eliminating toxic load.

Purchase your Mother’s Day gift certificate today by email (cecinfo@nashville.gov) phone: 615-298-8050 or by stopping by our office: 4805 Park Ave. Suite 123, Nashville, TN 37209.

Gift Certificate amount varies! OH! And Happy Mother’s Day from the NCE Team.