Proposals for fall 2019 Classes Due by June 17

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We are excited to announce we are now accepting proposals for fall classes. Fall session runs September 2019 through December 2019.

Nashville Community Education provides personal and professional enrichment for adults in the Nashville-Davidson County community. We offer classes in the following subjects:

·      Art

·      Career

·      Create

·      Finance

·      Fitness/Wellness

·      Language

·      Legal

·      Life

·      Technology

We have classes in several locations around Nashville: Cohn School (where our office is located), Inglewood Elementary, Wright Middle School, NECAT, Nashville Farmers’ Market, and Platetone.

Submit your proposal to teach with NCE and share your skills and passion with the Nashville Community.

To find out more about becoming an instructor:

·      Email us at or

·      fill out a course proposal form online under the “TEACH” tab at

We are currently looking for many types of classes but here are some ideas:
Computer Skills (Basic)
Home Repair 
Art (drawing, water color painting)

A Father's Day Gift Experience with NCE


Father’s Day is coming up this weekend and it’s a great time to think about creating memories and experiences with your dad as a gift!

This is also a good time to provide your dad with the gift of an “Experience” with one of our gift certificates for father’s day!

Nashville Community Education summer session is happening and we have classes that you can take with your dad or a fun class you can give dad a gift card to take.

1. Pressure Cooking Basics

Does your dad love to cook? UT/TSU Extension will be here to teach students all about Pressure Cooking Basics. Students will learn how to utilize fresh and local ingredients when preparing meals using the increasingly popular multicooker.

2. Perfecting the Pitch

Do you have a dad that is currently building and growing a business? Perfecting the Pitch class will teach students what to include in a pitch, how to explain their business to others and begin crafting their pitch.

Does your dad love to play music?

3. Instant Piano

Learning how to play the piano seems like a dying art but our Instant Piano class is a fun class that will teach students all the chords needed to play any pop song, any style, and any key.

4. Rhythm-Guitar Styles

Learn four guitar strums for your toolkit: easy-pop, country-rock, island, and reggae.

5. Tai Chi Basics

Perfect class for busy dads and grandpa’s! Tai Chis is a gentle, ancient Chinese form of exercise that contains numerous health benefits. Students will focus on basic Tai Chi movements that emphasize improving balance, strength, and relaxation.

6. Cyanotype Sun Printing

If you have a dad that loves art, this class is perfect! Explore this basic photography technique to create original designs on paper and fabric. Students will create their own negatives and make use of found objects for pieces that can be used in a variety of ways!

Purchase your Father’s Day gift certificate today by email ( phone: 615-298-8050 or by stopping by our office: 4805 Park Ave. Suite 123, Nashville, TN 37209.

Gift Certificate amount varies! OH! And Happy Father’s Day from the NCE Team.

Activities to Fight Mental Illness with Nashville Community Education

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May is mental health month and it’s a time to encourage each other to seek help and discover new ways to combat mental illness. “Approximately 1 in 25 adults in the U.S. (11.2 million) experiences a serious mental illness in a given year that substantially interferes with or limits one or more major life activities,” according to

When we have months dedicated to these issues it allows us to collectively as a whole pull together our resources, knowledge, and initiatives to help better the options for people suffering from mental illness.

Over the years it’s been noted that there are diverse ways and actions people can take to help mental health and we wanted to share some classes with you that can also be a benefit for someone dealing with depression and/or anxiety.

Art and Music:

This summer we have Creative Personal Journaling/Art Journaling with Old Books/Decorated Initials: Printmaking Alphabet/Handmade Books: Coptic Stitch/Twisted Shibori/T-shirt Quilting/Old Time Fiddle/Singing Traditional Songs


Backpacking Basics/Swing Dancing/Fitness and Nutrition for Women/Mindful Weight Loss/Tai Chi Basics/Reiki Self-healing/Qigong Movement

Life and Food:

Unconscious Bias & Your Relationships/Practical Self-Care/Navigating Hard Relationships/Cooking for Gut Health/Anti-Inflammatory Cooking Series/Master Meal Planning

All of these classes in some way can help an individual struggling with mental health. Getting active is just a small part of getting better, for more information about Mental Health and ways to fight against it visit

A Mother’s Day Gift Experience with NCE


Mother’s Day is coming up this weekend and it’s a great time to think about creating memories and experiences with your mom as a gift!

This is also a good time to provide your mom with the gift of an “Experience” with one of our gift certificates for mother’s day!

With our summer session right around the corner, Nashville Community Education would like to share nine great classes you can take with your mom.

1. Explore Nashville’s Public Art

Great art isn’t just in museums. All over Nashville, there are sculptures, murals, and pieces created to enhance our public places. While these artworks make bold visual statements, have you ever wondered about the stories behind them? Metro Arts staff will guide you through the city’s public art collection, exploring the artists, inspirations, materials, commissioning organizations, and ongoing care and conservation of our most notable pieces.

2. Creative Personal Journaling

Studies have shown that keeping a private journal can help improve mental health and creativity, but finding the time to journal in today's hectic society is tough. Students will get the space & time to slow down and write while clearing their minds and releasing anxiety. Through a series of prompts and discussions, students will learn how to create their own unique journaling style, set goals and "Dreamscape." Bring your own personal journal and a pen.

3. Art Journaling with Old Books

Add a unique twist to your journaling routine by using old books to create an art journal! By learning different painting and drawing techniques and engaging in writing exercises, we will create mixed media pieces, compelling poetry and journal entries. While some classes will focus more on creative writing, a painting will be done in every class.

4. Swing Dancing

Instruction covers the basics of East Coast style of swing dancing and Shim Sham line dance. Participants will learn triple and single step basic footwork patterns, turns, etiquette, and social dance history. Registering with a partner is not necessary, but you will be paired up in class.

5. The Life You Want I

We all have the ability to create the life we want. We just need to learn the tools to help us do it. Discover how to transform your thinking to create opportunities that change your life without waiting for life to change you! Students will determine their passions, values and gift and craft a purpose statement based on these qualities. They will then define goals and a system to help them achieve this purpose.

6. American Sign Language

An introduction to American Sign Language grammar and vocabulary including fingerspelling to construct simple sentences. Each student will also participate in visual and receptive skill-building along with the information on Deaf Culture and Awareness.

7. Fitness and Nutrition for Women

Experience a wholistic approach to living a healthy lifestyle! Each class will cover nutritional habits, goal setting, and self-actualization lessons. Then students will go through a workout that incorporates strength training and metabolic work. All instruction will be given by staff from The New Beginnings Center, a non-profit that offers fitness and nutrition coaching to women in Nashville at an affordable rate. Their mission is to create an environment where women can work out and learn to live a healthier life regardless of age, background, and shape. Class is open to all levels and abilities.

8. Collect & Sell Vintage Costume Jewelry

Those rhinestone pins from Grandma, the ‘70s hippie earrings you spy at a yard sale, or your favorite chunky 1980s necklaces are all examples of vintage costume jewelry. Collecting such jewelry is a fun, popular and potentially profitable hobby. This class will introduce you to the history, innovative styles, and wonderful materials used by designers. Students will learn about the most collectible styles and brands, how to determine the value and authenticity of pieces, and tips on where to buy jewelry. The class will also cover how to list, price, photograph and sell vintage treasures online.

9. Essential Oils for Healthy Living

Looking for natural solutions to the products we normally use for healthcare? Wondering what all the hype is about essential oils? Learn how we can support our health naturally using certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils. Every session will include a take-home component of full-sized items to start using right away. Topics covered include: 1. basics and science of CPTG essential oils; 2. essential oils for family wellness; 3. minimizing and eliminating toxic load.

Purchase your Mother’s Day gift certificate today by email ( phone: 615-298-8050 or by stopping by our office: 4805 Park Ave. Suite 123, Nashville, TN 37209.

Gift Certificate amount varies! OH! And Happy Mother’s Day from the NCE Team.

Summer 2019 Registration Open


Today Nashville Community Education summer 2019 registration is open.

This summer we have over 30 new classes, new classes with UT/TSU Extension, over 10 free classes and new wellness classes. Classes such as American Sign Language I, Intermediate Canning, What’s Your Number, Upholstery and more are returning this summer as well.

Don’t forget Upholstery, Spanish, Beginning Sewing fills up quickly! Make sure you register or get on the waitlist.

You can apply for a SCHOLARSHIP to take up to two classes and there is still time to get a GIFT CERTIFICATE for your family and friends!

You can register online {Here} or come by the office: 4805 Park Ave, Suite 123 or by calling us at 615-298-8050.

See you in class!

Proposals for summer 2019 Classes Due by March 4th

Nashville Community Education

We are excited to announce we are now accepting proposals for summer classes. Summer session runs May 28-August 9.

Nashville Community Education provides personal and professional enrichment for adults in the Nashville-Davidson County community. We offer classes in the following subjects:

  • Art

  • Career

  • Create

  • Finance

  • Fitness/Wellness

  • Language

  • Legal

  • Life

  • Technology

We have classes in several locations around Nashville: Cohn School (where our office is located), Inglewood Elementary, Wright Middle School, Smith Springs Community Center, Madison Community Center, NECAT, Southern Squeeze, Nashville Farmers’ Market, and Platetone.

Submit your proposal to teach with NCE and share your skills and passion with the Nashville Community.

To find out more about becoming an instructor:

Understanding Heart Disease on Community Health Matters

Heart Disease

Nashville Community Education, Community Engagement Coordinator LaKeithea Anderson had the opportunity to interview the Understanding Heart Disease Instructor, Thomas Dowd about how to improve your heart health by reviewing best practices for heart disease prevention.

The interview was featured on Community Health Matters {Check the interview out HERE}.

To prevent heart disease, have medical checkups with your doctor, exercise, eat healthy, maintain a healthy body weight, decrease stress, maintain good blood pressure and don’t smoke.
— Thomas Dowd

Register for the Summer 2019 class today! It takes place on May 28th.

Clases educativas para Adultos


Nashville Community Education tiene mucho que ofrecer. Tienen clases de guitarra, fotografía, costura, cerámica, resucitación cardiopulmonar y francés, solo por nombrar algunos.

¡Las clases son muy divertidas! Cuando vengas a las clases no solo aprenderás algo nuevo, sino que tendrás la oportunidad de conocer a miembros de la comunidad.

Estoy muy feliz porque el program va a ofrecer ¿Cómo Comprar Una Casa? y es una de las pocas clases que se ofrecerá en español. La clase se llevará a cabo el 26 de marzo a las 6 pm en Wright Middle School.  La información es gratuita, pero debe registrarse si desea asistir.

Todas las personas que asisten al programa son adultos y la mayoría de las clases son durante la noche para que usted pueda asistir justo después del trabajo. La oficina está ubicada en 4805 Park Ave, Nashville, TN 37209 y también ofrecen clases en Wright Middle School (180 McCall St) y Inglewood Elementary (1700 Riverside Dr.). Nashville Community Education ofrece clases tres veces al año y la mayoría de las clases se repiten cada semestre, pero siempre tienen algo nuevo que ofrecer. ¿Sabía usted que el programa ofrecía becas? Si usted o alguien que conoce está interesado en aplicar para una beca, comuníquese al (615) 298-8050. La beca es solo para clases con Nashville Community Education.

Para ver la lista completa de clases o registrarse para ¿Cómo comprar una casa?, haga clic en el siguiente enlace,

-Imelda Alamilla

Nashville Community Education Spring 2019 Classes Starts Today

NCE Farmers market_Web-42.jpg

Today is the first day of spring 2019 classes for Nashville Community Education. Instructors and students are gearing up to roam the halls and begin to learn a new skill, try a new hobby or continue their professional goals.

I always believe that Nashville Community Education is a growing reflection of the Nashville Community. NCE halls are not just a place filled with the hope of life-long learning but a space to build community with neighbors people may have never meet before taking a class with us.


This session kicks off with a few new additions:

Locations: How exciting is it to be in Madison this year?! There are four classes taking place in Madison for the first time.

Qigong Movement/Reiki Self-healing/Biking in Nashville/The Job Shop

Partnerships: We are expanding on our local partnerships to bring students more classes.

New Partners: Metro Nashville Office of Minority and Women Business Assistance (BAO), Metro Arts Commission and Bridges For Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

The partnership classes include:

How Your Company Can Do Business with Metro Nashville

Contracting for Equality: Understanding Metro’s Minority Business Programs

The Benefits of Women-Owned Business Enterprises (WBE)

American Sign Language I & II

Explore Nashville’s Public Art

We also have new classes this spring that we are excited about!

Instant Piano, Calm vs. Storm: What’s Your Style? Linkedin Basics, Unconscious Bias & Your Relationships, Beginning Leather Craft, Making Comics, Kettlebell Swings Basics, Sailing in Nashville, American Sign Language I & II, Basic Makeup Application, Collect & Sell Vintage Costume Jewelry, Safe Sleep and Care for Infants, Anti-Inflammatory and so many more!

Want to know more about these awesome classes and so much more? Visit us and let’s get you registered!

Nashville Community Education Featured on WSMV

Nashville program offers low-cost classes to community members

“All of the classes are taught by community members who have a special skill or who are educated in the subject.

"What's really fun about our program is we're just so open to everybody. We have really diverse students," said Mary Bath Harding, the executive director of the program.

Classes generally meet one to two times a week for one to two hours at a time.

"They get to come into these classrooms and because they had this one shared interest, you really get to learn about people that maybe you don't get to interact with," Harding said.

Most of the classes cost money, but several are free. The average class price is $35, but none of classes exceed $100.”

Head to Channel 4 News to learn more about our program!


Registration Opens Today!

Spring Square.jpg

Registration Opens Today!

Today is registration day for Nashville Community Education. We are excited to see students new and returning signing up for our spring 2019 classes.

Our popular classes Spanish, Beginning Sewing and Oil Painting is already filling up but there are still spots open and GET on the wait list.

We have an awesome round up of personal and professional enrichment courses for spring from American Sign Language, Photography Basics, Fitness and Nutrition for Women and so much more!

You can apply for a SCHOLARSHIP to take up to two classes and there is still time to get a GIFT CERTIFICATE for your family and friends!

See you in class!

Spring 2019 Catalog is LIVE for viewing

Spring cover

Our office is so excited that our spring 2019 catalog is up LIVE on the website! We have some amazing classes starting in January, new partnerships and new locations (Madison Community Center).

New Partnerships: The New Beginnings Centers, Bridges for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Metro Arts Commission, and Metro Nashville Office of Minority and Women and Business Assistance.

In case you didn’t know, we already have amazing partnerships with Nashville Public Library, Nashville Farmer’s Market, NECAT and Platetone Printing Making and Books.

Spring new classes:

• Instant Piano

• Creative and Personal Journaling

• The imagery in Creative Writing

• Explore Nashville’s Public Art

• Photography Basics

• How Your Company Can Do Business with Metro Nashville

• Podcasting Basics

• Cookie Decorating Basics

• Handmade Leather Bags

• Curvy Yoga

• Fitness and Nutrition for Women

• American Sign Language I.

• Green Cleaning with Essential Oils

• Basic Makeup Application

There is so much more new class and your favorites will be returning!

Register won’t start until December 3rd! Make sure you make note of all the classes you want to take this year and mark your calendar.

Don’t forget you can apply for a SCHOLARSHIP, for up to two classes. Make sure you get that application in early. Also GIFT CERTIFICATES! Are available, get a gift certificate for a loved one or a friend to take a class.

See you in class!

Nashville Community Education Has More Fall Classes Starting This Month

We are half way through the fall semester and Nashville Community Education has more than a dozen classes still available for you to register for now through December.

TV Production

Students will learn all of the technical elements of working in a TV studio: Camera, Audio, Lights, Video Switcher, Teleprompter, Audio Mixing. You will also learn the Floor Director and Technical Director roles. Class is fun, interactive, and hands-on. Beginners welcome! 

Nov 13-14/Tue & Wed/6:00pm-9:30pm

TV Pre-Production

Your next step to becoming a producer! TV Production must be completed prior to attending. This class teaches you all of the elements of putting a series together, managing a studio, collaborating with crew, and becoming a NECAT Producer. 

Nov 19-Nov 20/Mon-Tues./6:00pm-9:30pm

Brand Storytelling Using Social Media

Social Media is a great tool for creating an online presence that showcases your individual story and passions. We will explore ways of sharing your story to connect with your audience, how to put your authentic voice to the story and how to use your chosen platform (Twitter, Facebook and/or Instagram) to showcase your career, philanthropy, or hobby.  

Nov 29-Dec 13/Thu/6:00pm-8:00pm

Nashville Farmer’s Market Seasonal Cooking

There is no source better than the Nashville Farmers’ Market—feeding Nashville since 1801---to learn how to make the most of fresh, regionally-grown produce. Chef Laura Rodriguez will offer tips about cooking seasonally and demonstrate a recipe easily re-created in your home kitchen using produce from local farmers. Tastings and samples included!

Nov 7- Wed 6:00-7:15pm/Dec Wed 6:00pm-7:15pm

Altered Books

Learn how to alter books into works of mixed media art. Students use paints, pictures, post cards or special papers and trinkets to create unique embellishments. Book themes can range from holidays to love, courage or gardens. Students are required to purchase their own materials - a list will be provided the first night.

Nov 19-Dec 10/Mon/6:30pm- 8:30pm

Basketry: Woven Angel

Make your own angel tree topper or holiday centerpiece. Use a variety of different materials and several basket weaving techniques to create a unique piece that is approximately 10” tall. Some weaving experience helpful.

Nov 29/Thu/6:00pm-8:30pm

Master Meal Planning

Ready to save money, time, AND start eating healthier? Meal planning is the key to making long-lasting dietary changes for you and your family. Learn this essential life skill and finally master meal planning from the grocery store to the dining table. All instruction will be provided by a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist.

Note: Students are required to pay a $5 materials fee to the instructor.

Nov 6- Nov 13/ Tue./6:00pm-7:30pm

Digital Storytelling with Sway

Sway is an intelligent digital storytelling app from Office that is great for project or problem-based learning. Teachers can create interactive web-based lessons, assignments, project recaps, newsletters, and more—right from a phone, tablet, or browser! Students can collaborate and use Sway to create engaging reports, assignments, projects, study materials, and portfolios. Sways are easy to share with the class or the world and look great on any screen.

Nov 8/Thu/6:00pm-8:00pm

More fall classes:

  • Consumer Bankruptcy

  • CPR for adults

  • Traditional Cuban Cooking

  • Basic First Aid

  • Beginning Sewing

  • Relief Printing Basics

and so much more!

Get our catalog and register now!

Nashville Community Education Is Now Offering Scholarships


We are excited to offer scholarships for our classes. We never want money to be an option for our students and the community.

NCE takes pride in life-long learning and we are known for our incredibly affordable class fees- the average class costs $35.00 In an effort to reach as many Nashvillians as possible and prevent costs from being a factor, we are now offering a limited amount of scholarships.

If you or someone you know is interested in applying for a scholarship to cover the cost of your class or classes (up to two per session) please send the following information to or mail to our address at 4805 Park Avenue:

o a document showing financial need (previous year’s W2’s, receipt of government assistance, etc…)

o a 250-word essay on why you want to take the class and an explanation of why you are seeking financial aid (can be typed or handwritten)

o a complete registration form found online

Download our scholarship information!


We are excited to be a part of the Nashville’s Scene Best of and in the running for two categories: Best Free Fun and Best Cheap Date. 

We pride ourselves on offering affordable personal and professional classes in Nashville. Our free classes range from How to Maximize Your Time, Investing in Your Future, Build Your Credit and Protect Your Identity, Gentle Yoga, Eat Smart at Home, Digital Books, Digital Entertainment, Understanding Debt Collection and more. 

Best Cheap Date ideas with NCE ranges from our cooking classes Traditional Indian Cooking, Traditional Cuban Cooking, Pioneer Cast Iron Cooking, Nashville’s Farmers’ Market Series, Twisted Shibori, Japanese Books: Suminagashi & Soft Stab. 

Check out local Nashville Blogger Sheena Steward on date night idea’s covering our Traditional Bangladeshi Cooking Class this past summer. 


“When dating weekly, it gets very challenging to find new experiences. A couple of months ago I came across Nashville Community Education and was pleasantly surprised by what I found. They have classes geared towards people of all different backgrounds. It was as if I hit the date night lottery! This week’s Weeknight Date was sponsored by Nashville Community Education and we were able to partake in a traditional Bangladeshi cooking class.” Sheena Stewart

Then VOTE FOR US!!! For Best of Nashville