Fathers Day

A Father's Day Gift Experience with NCE


Father’s Day is coming up this weekend and it’s a great time to think about creating memories and experiences with your dad as a gift!

This is also a good time to provide your dad with the gift of an “Experience” with one of our gift certificates for father’s day!

Nashville Community Education summer session is happening and we have classes that you can take with your dad or a fun class you can give dad a gift card to take.

1. Pressure Cooking Basics

Does your dad love to cook? UT/TSU Extension will be here to teach students all about Pressure Cooking Basics. Students will learn how to utilize fresh and local ingredients when preparing meals using the increasingly popular multicooker.

2. Perfecting the Pitch

Do you have a dad that is currently building and growing a business? Perfecting the Pitch class will teach students what to include in a pitch, how to explain their business to others and begin crafting their pitch.

Does your dad love to play music?

3. Instant Piano

Learning how to play the piano seems like a dying art but our Instant Piano class is a fun class that will teach students all the chords needed to play any pop song, any style, and any key.

4. Rhythm-Guitar Styles

Learn four guitar strums for your toolkit: easy-pop, country-rock, island, and reggae.

5. Tai Chi Basics

Perfect class for busy dads and grandpa’s! Tai Chis is a gentle, ancient Chinese form of exercise that contains numerous health benefits. Students will focus on basic Tai Chi movements that emphasize improving balance, strength, and relaxation.

6. Cyanotype Sun Printing

If you have a dad that loves art, this class is perfect! Explore this basic photography technique to create original designs on paper and fabric. Students will create their own negatives and make use of found objects for pieces that can be used in a variety of ways!

Purchase your Father’s Day gift certificate today by email (cecinfo@nashville.gov) phone: 615-298-8050 or by stopping by our office: 4805 Park Ave. Suite 123, Nashville, TN 37209.

Gift Certificate amount varies! OH! And Happy Father’s Day from the NCE Team.