scholarships in nashville

Nashville Community Education Is Now Offering Scholarships


We are excited to offer scholarships for our classes. We never want money to be an option for our students and the community.

NCE takes pride in life-long learning and we are known for our incredibly affordable class fees- the average class costs $35.00 In an effort to reach as many Nashvillians as possible and prevent costs from being a factor, we are now offering a limited amount of scholarships.

If you or someone you know is interested in applying for a scholarship to cover the cost of your class or classes (up to two per session) please send the following information to or mail to our address at 4805 Park Avenue:

o a document showing financial need (previous year’s W2’s, receipt of government assistance, etc…)

o a 250-word essay on why you want to take the class and an explanation of why you are seeking financial aid (can be typed or handwritten)

o a complete registration form found online

Download our scholarship information!