Poetry With The Creative Writing Class

Today we are celebrating National Poetry Day with students from our Creative Writing Classes! We are showcasing a few incredibly talented individuals and the poems they have written for the fall 2019 class.

If I knew then

If I knew then

What I know now

I wouldn’t appreciate

My growth, and how.

I’d miss the tears

But laughter as well

I wouldn’t be me

And have stories to tell.

Written by: Toney

Desert Note

                                             Dry… Hot… Chest Tight… Unable to breathe…







Isn’t Life

Shadowed by His hand

To give life LIFE again

It is so sensational

It is clear again

Of Music


My wants

I’m lost in





In a way, life

Bit Clouds of grace come

And the winds turn

Everything matters

Everything is new

An oasis


written by: Toney

The Future, Unknown

Stomach in Knots,

Heart begins to race.

What I want so close!

I can almost taste.

My eyes are locked,

Waiting for a lifetime,

For a signal I know

Those lacking I’ll leave behind.

One more deep breath

As I count to ten.

My hope tightropes

From shining to grim.

But my freedom is finally seen,

The light, it does turn green.

written by: Toney


Stop and go we go

The destinations we know

Go with the flow, grow

For once sit and be

Don't think of the future, and

The past is retired


Life gets easier

When distractions are lacking

Now go to the woods 

First thing in my head

Is the last thing in my head

Good morning, good night

I want to shake you

Your disbelief breaks my heart

You have endless worth

My sneaky code words

Takes a heart, and hope, to crack

But lasts forever


My eyes are closing

Someone tell my brain to join…

Too busy with you

My sight, while awake,

Clouded by other people…

Dreams are important 


My sight while awake

Is the same as when I dream

A vision of you

Wild, kind, desperate

The eyes of a man in chains

I need a dollar 


Giving "I love you’s"

Is as necessary as

The air I take in


Why am I anxious?

I'm not an inconvenience

By simply being 

Pink, Orange, Purple

The sun falls into darkness

Only perception

Seven flights, I’m so pumped

Three takeoffs over the sea

Feels good to be home


Seven flights, I’m tired

Three landings onto the sea

Feels strange being home

written by: Toney

Poetry day.jpg

First Love

When white roses splatter red,

It reminds me of our love.

Even the most beautiful thing

Dies eventually.


I remember when we first met,

So young, so full of lust.

Your black hair, brown eyes.

My full figure, timid smile


Naivety in its darkest hour.


White roses in your hand,

Standing at my door.

The feeling of something new

Something fresh and full


It wasn’t long before

I became lost in your life.

I know longer existed,

Other than a shadow of you.


Many nights we lay,

In this dark abyss

Of your twisted heaven.

White roses by our side.


Limbs intertwined

Hands stitching

Sweetening lips that kiss,

Spilling your poison into mine


My head on your chest

Thumping to your life

In tempo with your fists

To shadows and walls


Even in silence

I could still hear screams

Whistling snores like soften shouts

Still saying I’m unworthy


In the force between your arms

Protector and destroyer

I could see the white roses

Splatter red from your love

written by: Sandra

The One

A country boy with a big city heart

Touched my soul with the smooth sound of jazz

I looked into his smokey grey eyes

He gentle kissed my lips

My heart could not deny

He was the ONE


First Love

Real love will blow your mind

It doesn’t make any sense

I will tell everyone

There is no greater love than God



Terribile from 7am-9am on Nashville I-40 W

Radio set on 101.1 chilling with the Steve Harvey crew

Afraid I might be late for work

Frustrated a big truck just cut me off

Feeling pissed off due to obnoxious drivers

Ignoring the cars to my left trying to move inside

Collision just happened -DAMN

 written by: Dwen

East to West~West to East~
Us & I-440

Smooth ride
new scenery
easy connection
cutting through all that went before

Post Beginning
Still efficient
Familiar landscape
Showing wear
Cutting through distraction for purpose

Stalled Connections
forest invisible for trees
Potholes and craters
Can’t look up to see where you are -
Exit or Repair?

Post Middle
I-440 - Built for Us
Helped us to become
Giving early days ease
Time showed up
Wears & Tears
Easy to think of new routes.

Route still valid
Still travels same path
Cracks can be repaired
A better road forged
To a changed scenery
The Ride continues.

written by Cathy

Three Business Idea's and One Entrepreneur Class at NCE

Julie Sellers

Today kicks off one of our career classes, Turning Your Passion into Your Business Plan. There are a lot of business and entrepreneurship workshops in Nashville for people hoping to become successful in something they are passionate about.

That very passion is what this class is about. Being passionate about something doesn’t always translate to being profitable. Your passion needs a working plan, an understanding of a target audience, pricing structure, operating models and more. 

Today on the blog we are sharing three stories & head shots from last spring’s class.  All professional head shots were taking by local photographer, Christy Shaterian.


This is Chiquita. She’s a counselor, and one day, she’ll start her own practice for at-risk youth. 


This is Jeremy. He’s a software developer, and he’s passionate about a hot topic in Nashville: promoting musicians and helping them get paid. He’s developing an app to marry his passion with his tech skills.


This is Annice, who’s a retired correctional teacher. During the first class she said something that struck instructor Julie:
“For all those years, I had to be hard. I couldn’t touch anyone, and I couldn’t show emotion. You’re not allowed. So now, I want to start a lotion company, where I can touch customers, and they can feel a different side of my personality.”
In class they developed her business plan for Liz’s Lotions during “Turning Your Passion into Your Business Plan."

There is still time to sign up for this class, you can book the whole series or classes individually. Get a scholarship for the upcoming class.